or doin time, doin stir, doin bird

Had to pop into the old Fremantle Prison yesterday. A portion of it at least, one wing, which has been turned into a business center. Lots of old cells that are now offices, including the old death row section. Fairly cool place to work methinks....

Freo Prison 05

Right, got through that wall now to just climb the razor wire and freedom...

Freo Prison 03

on the inside lookin out

Freo Prison 04

a little exercise never killed anyone, a shiv to the ribs usually sorted that out

Freo Prison 01

I'm pretty sure they never had any potted plants on the gangways back then

Freo Prison 02

nor were the doors painted a nice lime green


Tiff said…
Wow that's one office i wouldn't wanna work late in! Spooky as i remembered it.
stu said…
The peeps I was visiting had their office directly above the old death row and David Birnie's cell.......very creepy