New York card

I bought this card at a flea market in the East Village, New York back in 2002, I keep it in a frame on one of my bookshelves and cleaning it today I realised I'd forgotten that it had some hand written words on the back....

New York card back

"any show we wanted anytime, whee!

Another wedding invitation came today, Dot(?) Halstead's.

Have received about 6 more cards from mooface

The Pond(?) (?)"

I can't quite make out the last bit, I kind of sense maybe this is a postcard home from a young girl, maybe early 20's, from Virginia living in New York during WW2 and having a ball. Six wedding invites seems a lot, but I guess everyone was marrying their sweethearts before they left for war. Who knows.

Edit: The six cards are from Mooface not wedding invites, so I read that wrong, maybe she has a boyfriend of sorts she affectionately calls Mooface?

almost the same view today using google earth


New York card


The Desp. said…
stu said…
Anonymous said…
The last word, I believe is "won't" judging by what appears to be an apostrophe and the loop on the last letter which matches the "t" in other words. Is there more to the card after that? It seems to read to me as "the point won't" maybe "get into her thick skull that I fucking hate her"?

Mr Walker*
stu said…
I like your method oh ghost who walks, but nah there was nothing more and that kind of leaves the words hangin there a bit...
Kwality said…
from the circled "3" at the top of the card it looks like it is number 3 in a series. I'm also guessing that Falmouth Virginia was small enough that the postie knew where everyone lived!
stu said…
I'd say yes on Falmouth and wow I never noticed the 3 so yeah probably one of a series, well spotted, you could be an archaeologist ;)