Grrrr, nggrrahhh, ggrrrmmph or words to that effect. They sum up how I'm feeling right now, I'm doped to my eyeballs on pain killers you see. Got out of hospital yesterday, just an overnight stay. I had to go back in and repair a surgery I had 9 months ago for a hernia, a surgery my doc didn't quite get right. Ehhh that's life right? Shit happens. So I'm not sure how much I will be posting on her for the next few days, I have to time it for when I'm just coming down from the last batch of pills and need to take some more. Jump in then if I can, if I remember, if I can be arsed shuffling along like a lil old man and down the stairs to my computer.

You really do come out of hospital with the absolute bejeebus kicked out of you don't ya? I have a really tender spot on the right side of my jaw, which I am informed is from the breathing tube they had shoved down there. (I was gonna put a funny gag reflex comment here but I'm too drowsy, just saying gag reflex is funny enough yeah?) No? ah well! And I have track marks with associated bruising on my arm from the drip, even the nurse went "wow" when she saw the bruise....



It's not really a stay in a hospital unless you get jelly and ice cream is it? Sorted!


my dessert dish four times a day for the next week wheeeeee!



Tiff said…
Ouch! Feel better soon.
stu said…
:) thanks, feeling better each day...or it could just be those pills, not sure