I have no reason to complain about my life, sure I've had my ups and I've had my downs. Yesterday I was feeling pretty down, I'd just been told by my doctor that some surgery I had done last year hadn't gone so well and that I'd have to go back under the knife. Nothing life threatening, just a hernia, but having to have surgery again means a lot of time away from what I love doing the most - bashing around the north west of this land looking for stuff.

It means the pile of money I'd spent in the past few weeks on a plan to get fitter and lose some weight, namely my new road bike, will have to go on hold till probably July. It means I will be stuck doing office work for the next three months, it means I have a week of pain ahead of me immediately after the operation (mind you I do get some kick arse drugs during that period), it means not eating for days (hmmm weight loss) and it means not having full use of normal bodily functions, yep surgery really fucks you around.

So, feeling pretty sorry for myself last night I called up a couple of besties and we went for some food and drinks. Talking it over with Karks and Waz soon had me realising that I hadn't suffered an earthquake, a flood, a tsunami nor a nuclear meltdown. So I should just harden up and be grateful for what I have, and so I have.

I discovered the recurrence of my hernia whilst up in Onslow, despite its' remoteness and small size Onslow is a pretty cool little town. I always enjoy it there. But it was cut short by all of this and I had to make the trek home on my own yesterday. Around a 300km drive to Karratha and then a flight down to Perth....

can you see me, can you see me, huh? can ya?

Hit the road

soooo many of these, I stopped counting at 1032....


right, pick a route

decision time

I choose stray animals and stray bugs on my windscreen for 80km's

stray bugs

that far huh

crusin over the Cane River

Cane River 01

Cane River 02


Having spent more than my fair share of time in various hospital stays over the past couple of years I have a lot of sympathy for you. It sucks.

You know what though? Chicks dig scars. Also, this will give you time to finally knock that Sturt's Desert Pea cross-stitch on the head.
stu said…

how do you know about my cross stiching ? o.O