I think I knew I was going to be an archaeologist even back when I was a little kid. I collected stuff, I used to head into the bush near our home and come back with all kinds of old stuff. Bits from cars, mostly the chrome lettering, old plates, cutlery, tins and bottles. Even Stamp collecting, mostly for the images of times past on the old stamps. Plus somebody told me if you found a rare one you could make millions haha yep. My mum sent me a pile of old books and odds and ends of mine that I had accumulated a few years back and I kind of threw them onto a bookshelf. I've been going through them lately and uncovering a couple of gems.

Like these old 1972 Munich Olympic Games stickers (yep the one that had the PLO kidnappings and killings) that I had stuck into the front and back covers of an old stamp album. Three are of Munich 72 competitors, Shane Gould (AUS), Mark Spitz (USA) and Vasiliy Alekseyev (USSR) - as well as two older athletes, Fanny Blankers Koen (NETH) and Arthur Wint (JAM)

mark spitz shane gould
Arthur Wint Vassili Alexeev Fanny Blankers Koen

Please excuse the fossilised cockroach above Blankers Koen. I left it in for effect

I seem to have saved a couple of icecream/chocolate bar stickers too....

Guess Wot

I have no idea "wot" flavour that was either


maybe someone remembers what the Chunky Monkey was selling? Lollies or a chocolate bar?