Now I know Hipsters cop a lot of flack everywhere but I'm not sure this is really fair on them. Hipsters have been blamed for New York losing billions of $ in funding as a result of a shitty census.

Everyone from doormen to hipsters may be to blame for New York City coming up short in the Census count this year — and they may have lost the city billions in federal funding.

Councilwoman Diana Reyna theorized that “hipsters” may be part of the cause for the inconsistency of the Census numbers, stating that some of them “only want to be counted in their home state.” She also added that they might not participate in the Census because it wouldn’t be “cool.”

The rest of the article is here. That's some funny shit right there, poor hipsters.

edit: clearly on the 18th of March I was drunk blogging because I just noticed these last two posts in draft form. I somehow failed to post them gahhh


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I remember these before - you definitely posted them.

Scarlet for ya!
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could have sworn I did too...hmmmm curious
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