THE HOOD # 123

Down by the tracks

Moore St 00

Moore St 01

an impressive piece just by the scale of it

Moore St 02

I noticed some "cave art" pieces under it all

Moore St 03

Moore St 04

and a human for scale

Moore St 05

larger versions of a few over at YeLPanorama


Gregoryno6 said…
How old is that piece now? I figure it's survived somewhere between ten and fifteen years.
I miss the dog and goblin from the William/Roe Sts intersection.
stu said…
you could very well be right, not exactly sure myself
Gregoryno6 said…
Staying in the locality - Villa Italia closed down a while back. But the For Lease signs have been taken out of the window. Heard any whispers?
stu said…
Ha! I've walked past it heaps and hadn't noticed it was closed down, just thought it was closed. So nah haven't heard anything. I'd guess due to the location an Asian style restaurant to take over
The Desp. said…
This mural was discussed on TWOP over a year ago - and got a response from the artist himself - Shime! Shime is kick aass. I'm a huge fan of his stuff.

Was done in 1995!
stu said…
1995!! whoa, I knew a while but jeez. I hadn't connected it with the kids faces under the freeway though, nice link Desp. Cheers for that