Sooooo due to my completely screwed up sleep pattern it is now 2.24am of the first day of an Osama Bin laden free world and I find myself completely awake. Prescription drugs whilst they serve an incredible purpose, in my case relief from severe pain, do have some ordinary side effects. Drowsiness being one, it's hard to be very active when you've had your stomach sliced open and then stitched back up again but it's even harder when your head feels like you're on the tail end of a 3 day ecstasy binge*, that's a massive come down right there and far less pleasant than the preceding binge I promise you (*not that I have ever....honest)

Oh and in case you were ever wondering, sneezing when you have a stomach full of stitches is much less fun than when you don't. Just needed to clear that up and seeing as that I became an expert on that topic at approx 9pm last night, it's good that I'm the one to pass that info onto you.

My bruise is worse....or does this mean it's getting better? ->

The pain in my throat from where they jammed down my breathing tube is also fading. So you see it's not all shitty news is it?

My DVD watching is almost completely caught up with, I've smashed season 4 of Weeds, about to start season 5 and I've finished Dead Set. That was the UK Zombie show set inside the UK Big Brother house. See it if you haven't cos it's really really good. God I'm just dribbling shit now, I haven't done an exciting thing in the past 5 days and I'm slowly going insane. My appetite is returning so there's a few minutes more I can kill each day. I watched an episode of Ellen, I know, fucking come round right now and kill my sorry arse, I deserve it. Clearly the drugs have removed my senses, all of them, not just taste and smell but those alarm bell senses that I usually get the second I hear the first few bars of the A Current Affair or Oprah theme tunes. I mean, I watched Ellen, I watched Ellen, I watched Ellen, nup saying it over and over doesn't make not true.

The horror


Gregoryno6 said…
One episode of Ellen? Hell, I sat through all 6 eps of the Prisoner remake and knew after fifteen minutes it was going to suck elephant balls.
Total crap. Not even Jesus and Gandalf could save it.