Plans are well under way for our trip to the US of A. Waz, Gaz and I headed down to CNR (James and Lake st's) in Northbridge for some brekky. This funky lil place is tucked under and behind the big screen in the Piazza. You have to look across the grassed area to notice it. It was completely empty outside when we arrived, no doubt due to the crispness of this morn. Finally some cold weather in Perth. It didn't take long to for others to fill up most of the outdoor area though, a perfect spot if you have a dog, we had two with us.


Free WiFi for all in the outdoor area, so we set about finding somewhere to stay for our 6 days in New York. We started off thinking apartments but then we found some awesome deals on hotels and ended up booking the Distrikt Hotel, which is a cool funky space in the Meatpacking district near Hells Kitchen.

cnr 01

Somewhere in amongst all of the where shall we go along Route 66 and should we go to Disneyland talk, we ordered some breakfast. Waz and Gaz had the corn and zucchini fritters to which Waz added some poached eggs. I had poached eggs and bacon with toast. Coffees and one of the best freshly squeezed juices I've had in Perth for a long time to close out the order. I really stand by the poached egg as a measuring stick for how good a breakfast a place does. Happy to report that they are done very well here. Word from across the bench was that the fritters were good too. 50 odd dollars all up for brekky for 3 isn't too bad either. The dogs even scored treats from a lady in the crowd. Pretty sure I recall a small whippet like dog doing clown tricks next to us too!? Maybe I had too much OJ!

cnr 02

The service is fairly simple at CNR, with all orders taken at the counter, but the staff delivered everything promptly and with a smile. Definitely heading back here again

cnr cafe

Happy to find a nice breakfast spot, especially after my last attempt at somewhere new.

7 performing dogs out of 10

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The Desp. said…
Finally, a place I've been to before you! I was always sceptical of this place, mainly because of the blaring big screen - I didn't think it would be that pleasant. Great coffee and the breakfasts I've had there have been delicious. Becoming a bit of a fave with the lycra set, so it can be crowded if you get there at the wrong time. The noise from the big screen varies a bit - depends on what's on I think.
stu said…
Hahah you are the winner!! Yeah we didn't get too much noise from the screen but I was imaging that being an issue at other times. Not too many lycra boys and girls although the few that were there managed to knock over someone else's bike...nice work