Decided that as part of my rehab from my operation I should start walking long walks, so I roped a few friends into my dastardly plan and set up our first hike on Sunday just gone. We hit the old loggers rail line walk through the John Forrest National Park in the Darling Range. A pretty cool walk which we really only did around 12 km's of, it keeps going. May do the rest another time. Some pics from the hike....

John Forrest 18

John Forrest 02

John Forrest 03

John Forrest 05

this is an old railway indicator or something, not really sure

John Forrest 10

John Forrest 12

John Forrest 14

we stopped at a picnic area with a man made lake (very popular spot at the turn of the century) and had some awesome shortbread biscuits baked by Nells

John Forrest 21

John Forrest 25

a long abandoned railway tunnel built in 1895, it was a lot longer than it first looked and almost pitch black in the middle section, you had to be trusting with every step.

John Forrest 28

John Forrest 29

John Forrest 30

oh and stay classy Perth

John Forrest 31

a bunch more pics from the hike here