I am constantly amazed how most Perthlings don't snigger when they say the name of this suburb. I guess we've managed to pronounce it so differently that we hardly notice any more."Coburn" is how we say it, but that's how you say the late actor James Coburn's name, this my friends is Cock Burn. There's simply no hiding from it. Every eastern stater or overseas visitor sees it for what it is, yet we accept it as if they're just a bunch of smutty minded out of towners, we know better. Hmmm no we don't, Cock Burn it is and it's a seriously stupid name for a suburb. Just sayin.


Noticed also today that the common old stop sign is starting to become the latest protest billboard.


A worthy topic for protest, but I think we should have left them well alone after this one, cos nothing really tops that does it?