I have professed my man love for Marco Pierre White on at least 3 occasions here on YelPar. One, two and three. So imagine my horror when I saw this for the first time on TV tonight (I don't watch much TV so not sure how long this advert has been on here in Oz) oh and as for the first of those three links, I've since learnt to embrace molecular gastronomy but I still don't agree with most of the stuff that dude was mouthing. Anyway back to this....

Pre made stock, were my eyes and ears deceiving me? The horror, the shame. This is not my Marco. The foundations upon which my entire life had been built, along with my man crush, had been shattered. Why dear Marco, why?


such a dreamboat

So I googled Marco and Knorr (Continental here in Oz) pre made stocks. It seems Marco had an epiphany a while back and these stocks are just as good as the ones he used to make, or at least his chefs used to make for him. You think? What can I say to that? I'll confess that I used Knorr stock powder on occasions during my cooking career, I felt dirty each time I promise you, but now I guess Marco was just as much of a powdered chicken whore as I was. I guess he, like I (see my previous comment on Molecular food) are allowed to change our minds sometimes or get lazy as we get older. Just thank christ it wasn't Campbells or something like that. Swiss made is so much cooler...right?

So I guess I forgive you Marco, I mean how could I ever stay mad at you, man crush re-established. Right, now to go finds me a woman for some lovin and stuff....YEAH!