Prominent Perth restaurant reviewer Rob Broadfield has slammed Perth food bloggers and slapped them all into the same basket along the way. He does clarify it in the second sentence with the word "many" but the first sentence gets straight to his point. Mr Broadfield is decidedly angry at a person who posts reviews on Urbanspoon using his name and rightly so. However I think his anger has gotten the better of him and he's slammed all food bloggers because of this one person, or is it just that any half descent blogger can do exactly what he does that's made him so angry. Hmmmm?

Not sure about this free food lark, nobodies ever offered me free food to write one of my reviews and nor would I except it, completely for the reasons Broadfield rightly lays out in his piece published in the West Australian last Thursday. Hopefully he's calmed down a bit and I wont have to stop following him on twitter in protest, read on....



Irishman said…
I love how every blogger is alone, and in the dark. "Mother's basement" is just about left out.

Obviously proper food reviewers from magazines live in bright, airy castles, surrounded by loving family members.

It's all ignorant bullshit.
stu said…
haha well put sir, well put