Decided I'd really not been out to the south east of our state before and that a road trip would fix that. So I got up early Saturday morning and I hit the road. I didn't really have a plan except that I would just keep driving and stop when I felt like exploring or taking a photo. I was going to turn around once I hit Wave Rock. Not a bad plan as it turned out.

road ahead down

This sign outside a road house in Brookton made me think of next years Route 66 road trip

Brookton - Restaurant

and it's been ages since I saw a Golden Fleece sign (I wonder which multinational bought GF out?)

Golden Fleece - Kondinin

Dog in a ute

Corrigin Cars

Wave Rock is maybe a little underwhelming, I guess you need to see it through the eyes of a kid to be majorly impressed. It would look huge to them, it's still kinda cool though

wave rock

wave rock

wave rock

wave rock


Anonymous said…
I had occasion to wonder about Golden Fleece myself a few years back. Caltex now owns it:

I had no idea there was another sign remaining beyond the one at Kojanup.

I don't often road trip but when I do I make it a point to stop at a Golden Fleece.
stu said…
Ahhh I figured it had been bought out by one of the biguns. They stick out for me cos as a lil tacker my uncle used to drive one of their trucks, that and the ram is pretty cool