Once I'd spent an hour and a bit wandering around the rst of Wave Rock I figured I better think about somewhere to stay for the night. I checked out what was on offer at the rock itself and it was pretty over priced and frankly boring. So I decided to head back the way I came and check out the motels I'd passed on the way down. First stop was Kondinin and the motel attached to the Golden Fleece station (see pic above) but it looked pretty dodgy, so I kicked on to Corrigin. There was a cool looking 6o's style place on the main road. Pulled in and grabbed a room for half the price of Wave Rock.


I had some very funky tiles in my bathroom, the rest of the room was pretty boring


The owner was a pretty laid back dude, "Well ya parked in front of room 4 so ya might as well take 4 then" Sounded perfectly reasonable to me. "Bit quiet this weekend, I'm just waitin on 4 bikies" Oh, okay, well um cool. "Well you know, not actual bikies just some old farts on bikes" I think he meant like that Travolta movie Wild Hogs, when they rolled in an hour later he was pretty much on the money with that description. "If you're lookin for a good feed head down to the Corrigin Hotel and give em this card and they'll give ya a free beer. Sounded pretty good to me.
The Corrigin Hotel

Corrigin Hotel

Corrigin Pub

I was feeling pretty hungry around 6pm so I cruised down to the pub to see what they had on offer and to play with the camera apps on my phone it seems. Nice old corner pub with two bars and an outdoor area, probably no more than 20 customers and the standard European back packer barmaids. The menu had the usual suspects, steak done this way and that way, fish grilled or fried and a chicken curry special etc etc. I decided on the Hotel House Burger....

Corrigin Pub Burger

Check out the size of that thing! This baby had a 3 cm thick beef patty, a piece of steak folded in half and two slices of bacon, oh and beetroot, tomato, cheese and lettuce. God knows how many calories it held within it's meaty edges but I could feel my arteries exploding whilst I stared at it. No way could I eat that, I like meat but jeebus. Then I noticed a few of the locals watching my reaction and I started to get the "Will the city boy flinch" vibe. So folks, I took one for the team, can't let those country types look down at us weak city types now can we? To be honest I managed the patty and salad and the bun, half the steak and none of the bacon. Oh and it was semi bordered with a pile of beer battered chips. One hell of a tasty over sized burger! Somehow I managed to wobble back to my motel. Burp!

Nice old stone church in Corrigin