Up nice and early on Sunday morning, all the paddocks near Corrigin were covered in dew and the new born lambs were all huddled in small groups for warmth, time to head back to the smelly city. I decided to go a different way back and cut through York, Northam and Toodyay. All old historical towns for those non west aussies amongst you. Was taking things pretty slowly as I was really not in a rush to get back home, loving the country at the mo.

road ahead up


As I headed out of Corrigin I noticed a break in the clouds and a single tree on the hill

one tree hill

Funky corner store in Quairading

Quairading corner

church 01

York has the best Town Hall, even if the clock doesn't work

York town hall

Once I hit Northam I took a quick drive through as I hadn't been there for over 10 years. Straight away I spotted the Library building and figured it had to be an Iwan Iwanoff design, I was right too, he designed the best buildings. His houses in the city fetch a small fortune at auction these days

Iwan Iwanoff 01

Iwan Iwanoff 03

Iwan Iwanoff 02

Then I was home

Perth 01


Anonymous said…
dang , outback W.A. be like N.s.w. some 30 years ago -Reb.

p.s. burger wimp .......
stu said…
Hey I gave it a good crack, but surely it's not normal to eat THAT much meat ;)
Anonymous said…
If one is wafting thru the country side , then , no , that amount would not be normal .

You could've shared it with a friend , eaten off te same plate .... lol .

When one has ploughed a paddock or driven a big truck ,
then one needs 4000 calories to get him to pub time .

My advice , when confronted with a situation like that , food from hell ,

is you must ask yourself ...

'' What would Bourdain do ??? ''

and then proceed ... -Reb
stu said…
Bourdain would have slaughtered all the young lambs I passed on the way and thrown them into the pot as well ;)
Aer Conditionat said…
Very nice pictures but the most i like the one with the tree, it is a great picture.
Gregoryno6 said…
Thanks for the picture of Northam's library. I've never been there and I was thinking I might make a day trip up on the train during my holidays. After this, it's a definite must-do.