Breakfast down at CNR with Waz and Gaz this morning, the usual smattering of lycra clothed bikers in the crowd but most noticeable was the news story on the giant screen. Carmageddon. A bridge is being torn down over the 405 Freeway in LA and is expected to cause major traffic chaos in that city, hence someone coined the phrase Carmageddon. It appears that the chaos never happened and people adapted well, aren't humans clever.


Jet Blue airlines jumped in with a special rate for flights that they said would help commuters avoid the traffic jam. Up steps Wolfpack Hustle, a group of dedicated bike riders in LA (I've mentioned them before) who reckoned they could do the distance the Jet Blue flight was going to cover in a faster time, just on bikes. The race/challenge happened yesterday and guess what?The Wolfpack Crew beat the flight hands (or should that be pedals) down.

Nice piece over here on It seems the Jet Blue flight was beaten not only by the riders but a few others as well....

According to Twitter-based calculations by @bcgp, the unofficial finish times were:
Bike: 1:34
Metro/Walk: 1:44
Rollerblades: 2:40
Plane/Lost Cab Driver: 2:54


There's a cool video over at North Hollywood Patch which explains everything behind the why and the how