On the back of the doors to all mining camp rooms are instruction sheets showing you were to go in the case of an emergency, a cleaning schedule a list of site rules, that sort of thing. Now it's often good fun to read through these rules because every now and then you'll find a doozy. What you have to remember as you read through them is that some of these rules exist because someone, somewhere, did something that now requires a rule to try and stop it ever happening again.

The back of my door has most definitely managed to produce such a rule, it's in the plumbing awareness section....


That there is even a section titled plumbing awareness is some funny shit right there, but this particular rule completely baffles me. I mean who or why would anyone flush an article of clothing down a toilet?

"These pants are a tad tight, I think I'll flush them down the toilet!"

"I'm not enjoying the touch of this shirt on my body, I think I'll flush it down the toilet

"Wash my hat? Why bother when I can simply flush it down the toilet"

"Man these boots are smelly, might as well flush em down the toilet"

etc etc etc

God help the world, seriously, if we've succumbed to this then what little hope do we really have


Kirsty said…
I am guessing it's more: "I just killed a Craigslist escort, let me flush her clothes down the toilet"

Or something like that.
stu said…
at least that's plausible
Liberte said…
I work remote, and i know what item of clothing it would have been...involving a less than timely visit to the loo and a pair of jocks...i get this from housekeeping not personal experience promise.