Righto, so there's been heaps of nice pics of cute animals on here this week but it is at this point that vegetarians and vegans need read no further. Cos sometimes those cute animals get BBQ'd. Some of our Indigenous crew caught a Bungarra and cooked it up for us....

Step 1: Obtain a dead goanna

Bungarra 03

Step 2: Prepare a fire pit

Bungarra 01

Step 3: Light fire and singe goanna's skin in the flames

Bungarra 05

Step 4: Scrape off the outer skin

Bungarra 06

Step 5: Skewer the legs so it doesn't curl up whilst cooking

Bungarra 07

Step 6: Place goanna onto hot coals and bury

Step 7: Start to remove the hot coals

Bungarra 10

Step 8: Remove the goanna from the fire pit

Bungarra 11

Step 9: Platter up

Bungarra 12

Step 10: Inspect

Bungarra 13

Step 11: Eat

Bungarra 14

tastes like pork, with a possible hint of fish in places


Tiff said…
i have a theory that anything roasted over an open fire will taste good!
stu said…
Theory confirmed!!!
Stella said…
This is brilliant Stu! We need more bush tucker tales and pics of YOU eating it!!
stu said…
don't tell anyone but I'm not all that keen on goanna meat, they do have these 2 sacks full of fat in their bellies (it's what they live off during hibernation) and that fat when melted is like the best tasting olive oil you've ever had , dip in the damper and mmmmm