This weekend past I flopped down on the couch, chowed down on some home made chicken and mushroom pie and flicked on the TV. Perfect timing as the original Oceans 11 had just started. It's not a classic film by any means but there is some great eye candy in it and I'm not talking rat pack eye candy here either, I'm talking 1950's/60's awesome architecture kinda candy. From Vegas casinos to luxury homes, there's heaps to perve at - if you're into that kind of thing and clearly I am.


But more importantly I'm really just into old Saturday matinee movies and the Martin and Lewis flicks were my favs. So it was pretty cool to see Dino acting, even if Jerry was nowhere to be seen. Only last week I was watching this clip on youtube of Jerry and Dino reunited after 20 somewhat acrimonious years. Dino is completely drunk throughout but he still manages to pull off a few gags with Sinatra's help.

sidenote: could you imagine the uproar if a celeb rolled onto the stage of a telethon drunk as a skunk these days? So glad they weren't so anal back then

I'll be honest though, as much as I kinda wanted to share my weekends activities with you all, the real reason for this dribble is because I wanted some context in which to post this. I found it somewhere on the net a few weeks ago. How perfect is this? Massively if you know much about Dean Martin....


good times