Ten years on....wow. It kinda feels more recent than that and yet I also think of it as something that happened way back then. It's a bit confusing really. There's been a number of anniversaries since and I hadn't written anything on those dates bar this one. I guess the media hype has made it more prominent this time round and 10 is a nice rounded number isn't it? How do I feel about it all now? That's a tough one, like everyone else in the world I've heard the stories of the survivors and the victims families, I've seen Bin Laden get a bullet or 10, I've seen the political bullshit that happened after the event, so I'm not really sure how I feel about 9/11 anymore.

I visited "ground zero" 10 months after the it all hapened and in a few months time I'll be visiting it again, 10 years later, maybe I'll have something solid to say about it all then. What I do know is that I still vividly remember turning the TV on and sitting down with my girl to watch some show and seeing instead an image of a burning building. Around 9 hours later I finally turned the TV off and went to bed, it was by then 5 or 6 in the morning. That was one hell of a night and one I'd rather not do again.

WTC Outline 2006