Scored a traffic jam on the way into work this morning and then a worse one on the way home. Sadly it looks like the morning one was the result of a truck and a motor cycle rider collision on the freeway in which the truck won. Then this afternoon it rained which sent every Perth driver into that all too familiar "OH MY GOD IT'S WATER AND IT'S ON MY CAR" frenzy that can only be resolved by reducing speed drastically and braking extremely late. Either way I always carry my small digi cam with me and I like to snap pics to pass the time whilst I wait for Perth to get it's collective shit together, so I give you Pics in a Jam ....

My new fav renovated, but not too much, once abandoned arcade. There's a fair few around if you look closely


arcade 1

I'm liking the new city vista at the end of William st


This is a shot from yesterday arvo whilst driving home from the office, note the lack of traffic and the lack of rain

city 01

and tonight, an hour and a bit of rain later - jam city

traffic 02

ah well sit back and enjoy the crawl I say

traffic 01

traffic 03

traffic 04

traffic 05

traffic 07


The Desp. said…
I really like that end of William St. You've got Ezra Pound and The Bird. I've been across the road to Bivouac for a coffee, but won't be hitting it up for food until next week. Urbanista do a pretty good coffee at the end of that arcade too.

Good times for Northbridge.
stu said…
yeah I agree, good to see the old spots given a fresh breath of air, remember the old Turkish cafe that used to be there, man, so many 3am's were spent recovering in there.