No pics of the amazing dishes, no food review, just the menu for you to read and salivate over. So good.  Food highlight for me was the crab with the foie gras snow, lowlight the beef short rib. Best wine white, the Le Cigare Blanc 2008. best wine red, The Sequel Syrah 2006....oh so looking to find some bottles of that now.



Stella said…
Ha! I just had my first Jackson's dego experience 2 weeks ago! What was your fave??
I'm allergic to shellfish so they had to substitute a few things, but I loved everything except the black pudding. It just didn't do it for me. I could eat a whole bowl of those tendons though. Yum.
stu said…
hahaha we are so opposites. I loved all of the seafood and the black pudding but really wasn't all that unimpressed with the tendons lol

we should eat there together, I'd get a heap more food if we traded dishes ;)