For as long as I can remember I have used the term "In one foul swoop" used it describe sudden actions or events and things like that. Today I discovered something quite shocking, this is not correct. The correct term is in fact "in one fell swoop"....wha? err! How embarrassment. I guess it's the way I talk, with a slight mumble, that people haven't actually noticed what It was I was saying exactly. They just figured I meant fell, that, or most of them think it's foul and not fell too. I think it's gonna be pretty hard to change my way of saying it, I mean it's taking me years to remember to put an two r's in surprise. Hey I'm a phonetic kind of guy. 

I know a good buddy of mine, who shall remain nameless, at least until he identifies himself in the comments, has a similar thing. Months ago we busted him saying "for all intensive purposes" instead of "for all intents and purposes". But hey that kinda works either way doesn't it? I mean we've all had to deal with an intense purpose from time to time haven't we? And why can't it be a foul swoop, as in a distasteful one and not necessary all that fast?  I say in your face senor gramma/grammar/grandma, get that one right wont you.

Oh and don't get me started on sarcophagus and esophagus, apparently they aren't both inside your neck. Who knew? I'm completely crap at body parts and organs, sure I know an arm and a leg but once you start talking pancreas and colons I'm lost. Human biology and I had a cantankerous relationship in school. Biology was so simple, so why couldn't human biology be as well. Stupid synapses and swan cells.

So today has been a big eye opener for me, what about you? Got any classic muddle ups you've only recently discovered? Feel free to share, there's no judgement here.

Edit: Running the same topic over on my Facebook page, some classic examples coming in....

J "In netball, I thought they used to say Parcel Shot if you got a foul within the goal circle.. because.. its was like a gift... It's actually Pass or Shot."
A "I always thought it was 'pending for your thoughts' until I was about 24"
J again "When I was born... I was a tiny bub... and mum used to use that as a comparison to how strong I was as I got older... up until maybe 4 years ago... I thought mum said I had won a fraile baby's award... nah... I was just in the Fraile Babys Ward. DIS - A - POINTED. I was hoping there was a certificate and everything


Miles said…
stu said…
Ahahaha err yes
Gregoryno6 said…
Once heard 'cojones' pronounced 'ko-jones.' As in "It takes real ko-jones to do something like that."
stu said…
Ha! reminds me, a girl at work said she worked for a guy in London who said during a=staff drinks and trying to fit in with the young uns asked "So do you guys like that singer Jimmy Queery?"

After a few minutes they all worked out he was meaning Jamiroquai ;)
Anonymous said…
Greeting from Jacksonville FL.

I work with a guy who says "Well, I guess that point is mute"

Had a guy on the ship over in Naples that said he caught sigonella poisioning. (instead of samonella)

My Favorite was my roomate," I'm heading to Rome and I'm going to see the 16th chapel."
stu said…
hahaha the 16th Chapel is classic