Everything was going so very well up until about 9am. Drove the survey vehicle into the scrub in a vain attempt to support the field crew who were about to head into an overgrown valley system. I managed about 100 metres before giving up and turning back. Then we heard it....pssssshhhhhh....flat tyre. So after struggling with changing it in a field of spinifex we were finally back in action. A few hours  later we headed off to our next survey area, found some brilliant access down a huge dry creek bed, only to have one of the vehicles not only bog but slide back and up onto a large rock. Wedged in tight between both wheels....awesome (no I wasn't driving)

run aground

run aground

run aground

run aground

No way were we getting that off of there and after an hour of trying we finally agreed with ourselves. Time to call in Emergency Services, these guys are great, have all the equipment and absolutely love coming out to rescue us. Seriously they do, otherwise their role involves training, paperwork, training, visiting mining pits , training and I think training. So they relish a chance to bring their rigs out into the bush and get totally confused because they've never really worked in these conditions before. Hilarious, but together we managed to lift the car off, just in time for us to get back to camp by full time of the Aus v NZ game....yeah sure, of course and why not? It was one of those kinda days anyway

Here's a picture of an Albino spider who decided to set up shop on my cars windscreen today.

Albino Spider

and here's a pic from a better day, yesterday, morning tea in the East Pilbara

Morning Tea

oh and another bog, this time an air bog we managed a few days ago

Air Bog

good times