So every Friday night till March there is going to be a Twilight Hawkers market in Forrest Place, seriously try and get along if you can. We had a great time, sure it was crowded but their was a great atmosphere and the food was "well tasty". Sure, we had to put up with helicopters buzzing overhead along with F18 fighter planes (seriously, please explain to me what a fighter jet is going to do in the case of a terrorist attack. They move at a kazillion miles an hour yes?) anyway because of CHOGM there were cops in every nook and cranny and choppers etc overhead, but apart from that all was good. Took a heap of pics in colour and then black and white so, first up colour....

I love this building

Hawkers 02

Hawkers 01

Hawkers 00

No idea what this is/was. Maybe it was in case aliens attacked CHOGM...laser beam anybody?

Hawkers 03

Hawkers 22

Hawkers 19

Hawkers 21


The Desp. said…
Crap. I totally forgot about this. On every Friday until March you say? I'm sure I'll be able to make it down at least once!
stu said…
yep till March, shutting down for a few weeks over xmas etc I believe