Looked up from our morning tea today to see that we'd parked near a Pink and Grey Galah's nest, what follows is a few moments in the average day of a Pink and Grey Galah, well ones that have annoying humans staring at them and snapping pictures and saying "ooh they're so cute" and other stuff....

Spotted the adult on to off the hollowed tree trunk and then noticed something moving below

pink and g01

Yep, a baby Pink and Grey

pink and g02

Time for a feed

pink and g03

pink and g04

Dad sits out on the flank and watches all

pink and g05

Mum and dad

pink and g07

Hang on there's two maybe three young uns

pink and g08

And then Raven attack, shit just got real

pink and g09

pink and g10


pink and g11

Everything cool back here 

pink and g12

When are they going to nick off and leave us alone

pink and g13