Just a quick funny moment and a snappy food review from the weekend. Sitting in the Tuck Shop on Sunday morning having breakfast with Waz and Gaz, we were finalising bits and pieces for our trip to the states in January. I had my new Sony Tablet out and Gaz and I were scratching our heads trying to work out how to unlock it - yeah there are instructions but they were at home because instructions are for pussies okay?! So whilst were working on that "guy task" Waz is on his laptop googling "genuine Native American experiences" or something like that...

Waz "I thought I'd almost found it" 
Me "What's that?" 
W "Trying to see if you can go and live with Native Americans and experience their culture, then I read this.."

Now I don't remember the exact wording but it went something like this

"Stay with real Native Americans and gamble at their casino. Sleep in one of the casino hotels or the Native American trailer park nearby"
Pretty sure that's not what we were kinda going for. 

The breakfast is pretty fine at Tuck Shop (cnr Money st and Newcastle in Northbridge) the freshly squeezed OJ was great, as were my soft poached eggs on sour dough. The only quibble was the bacon, maybe not the best bacon I've ever had. Gaz raved about his mushroom and fetta dish and the bit of it I tasted backed him to the hilt. Staff are really friendly and the service good. Oh and they make pies, real big flaky pastry home made pies which looked very very good. The table next to us was making very short work of one. I had a peek at the dessert cabinet and the vanilla bean/lemon curd tart will not evade me for long, I'll grab one of those next time I'm there for sure.

Almost every table was occupied for breakfast so hurry up and try it before everyone else gets in there, that said tables did turn over quite regularly 

Handy tip for you if you're eating there on a Sunday, park on the City of Perth side of Newcastle st if you can as it's free on a Sunday, the City of Vincent side charges.

Ps: Sony Tablet is easy to unlock...once you know how

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The Desp. said…
$2.20/hour! CoV, you suck.

For 4 years I never saw a parking warden patrol our street (that has 1hr time limit). I guess that money now pays for them to actually do something.

Tuck Shop sounds good - I will be investigating.
The Desp. said…
Hit up the Tuck Shop for breakfast on the weekend - very tasty indeed!. I had the baked beans, which were great. Those pies look awesome too!

I'd also like to retract my statement about the CoV parking rates. I ended up in Subi the other week in the car and was slugged $6/hr. Wilson Parking. YOU SUCK.... lol.

I'm glad I don't have to drive very often.
stu said…
oh yeah thanks for reminding me about those pies, gotta try one. Gah, Subi, my least fav suburb