A. Yes you can


Tonight is the last Sunday night of our swing and we always finish off those Sundays with a BBQ. So after we threw on some onions we added the sausages and chicken. I mentioned to a few people gathered around the BBQ that I was just chatting with a buddy (Kev) on Facebook about a massive storm that hit Newman minutes ago. "Kev says it's headed straight for us." Most people said "nah we'll be fine, wont hit us". (Note the clouds in the pic above) "Oh it be a comin" I said. But I was thinking rain storm, mother nature had other ideas....

dust storm

A few minutes later we glanced towards the incoming storm and realised the sky had changed from ominous blue/grey to serious red/brown (Thanks be to Sam for the pic above). I think you'll agree that I'm not exaggerating when I say we had a tsunami sized wave of sand heading straight for us. It slammed into us within seconds, we had no time to react. Salads and drinks went first, straight off the table and then came the chairs and the table and the bins and the sand and everything else that wasn't nailed down. Everything food wise was destroyed. 

Never a dull moment up here in the Pilbara


ellis said…
sandami!!!!! RUN!
Anonymous said…
awesome pics, just reading about this in todays paper
stu said…
The West Australian? might check it out