I was just reading this, somewhat surprised at how many photos are uploaded to flickr in a day, around a million? yowzah! Then I thought about it and a million seems low don't you think? I uploaded my first pic to Flickr on Jan 29th 2005 and so far I've managed 6801 pics, which is almost 1.5 pics a day. I'm just one of millions of peeps on Flickr so that total is easily achievable. But back to the story above and Erik Kessels has printed off 1 million photos uploaded to Flickr on a particular day (a good chance one of those is mine) and created an installation using all of them....


" I visualise the feeling of drowning in representations of other peoples' experiences."


"Can there ever be too many images in the world?"

Can there? I think of my own photos and how for everyone I deem Flickr worthy there are possibly 5-10 others i've rejected. Is digital photography smothering the world with images? I don't think so, I mean the se photos aren't shoved in our face are they, we get to choose what we look at. One thing digital has done  is to allow the average person easier and cheaper access to what used to be an expensive past time. Remember the costs of a roll of film and then the development? I remember it taking months to get all of my photos developed from my first ever overseas trip. I do think digital photography allows for a lot of average photography but hopefully people with self edit.... we can only hope.


Anonymous said…
great use of trees .
and yeah the old daze , i came came from my 1st euro trip with 10 rolls of 36 -Reb.
stu said…
yeah, I'm sure he used new growth!

exactly, I had a flatmate for one year who had come back from a big OS trip and still hadn't developed all of her 30 rolls of film by the time she moved out