I left the sweltering Pilbara behind me this morning, won't be back till the new year. Seriously hot this week with temps easily reaching 50 degrees C. Check out the temp at the airport at 7.23am .... 34.2 C already, yoiks. 


Flying home on a Wednesday for a change meant I was going to be in the way of my house cleaner so I decided to go and catch a movie I'd been meaning to see for ages so that she could do her thing in peace. A quick glance on the web showed that today was the last day it was showing in Perth too so excellent timing. 


That film was Bill Cunningham New York. A documentary about a quite extraordinary individual, fingers crossed he rides past me on his Schwinn ("my 29th bicycle, 28 stolen") when I hit New York in a month, not that he'll be photographing me for the Times. Highly recommend you try and catch this flick somewhere somehow....