Try 30 versus 30,000. This video made by the BBC shows 30 deadly Japanese hornets attack and destroy a 30,000 strong European honey bee nest, all synced to epic battle music. The version featuring the BBC commentary can be seen here, that version explains exactly what's going on and why 30 can wipe pout so many. In some ways this is a sad clip or you could just think of it as mother nature being a complete bitch. Either way there's some excellent kick arse filming techniques involved here.

Once a Japanese giant hornet has located a hive of European honey bees it leaves pheromone markers around it, that within a short time attract nest mates that quickly converge on the hive. A single hornet can kill forty European honey bees in a minute and a group of 30 hornets can finish off an entire hive containing 30,000 bees in a little more than three hours. The hornets not only kill the bees, but also dismember them, leaving heads and limbs behind, to finally return to their nest with the bee thoraxes which they feed to their larvae