Strongly religious people need not read any further for you WILL be offended.

Or the day I offended Margaret Court

Poor old Margaret Court, a true champion tennis player who became a born again Christian and then a bit of a gay basher. Well she isn't bashing the ones she cures of this "illness" in her church, she loves those homosexuals. Actually she says now that she loves all homosexuals it's just that they aren't equal in society like her and her fellow brethren. Look, Margs (I'm sure she wont mind me calling her Margs, cos we used to be neighbours you see, more on that in a moment) is as much entitled to her opinion as we all are. But she really shouldn't keep going on about how it's just cos the bible says it's wrong that she opposes homosexuality. That book also tells people to kill their neighbours and bash their wives and sodomise cats doesn't it? - yeah cats, pretty sure that's in there too. So it's not a good example really is it?

Anyway she's about to cop an eyeful of the colours of the gay flag during next weeks Australian Open, so that should be nice for her. I believe she has stated that colours are Christian and can be looked upon, Just not two people who love each other (wide arching comparison there I know but you get the point).

This whole event reminded me of how for a few years back in the 80's, when I had just become old enough to partake in the devils drink, I actually lived across the road from Margs over there in Nedlands. Her mansion/big house was down the end of the long driveway of the house across the road from ours....got that? Well the house across the road from ours was where we were going to hold a party one night in 84. A themed party, with "Back to the Bible" as that theme. Dress as your favourite biblical character was how the invites read and to create an atmosphere we set out to tart the house up all biblical like. The jewel in the crown of the decorations being our half naked doll nailed to a cross....

doll on a cross

But the best bit was when sometime mid afternoon my house mate and I decided it was time to erect the crucifixion and as we were pushing the cross upright who should turn into the drive way at that exact same time? Old Margs of course and gathering from the look she gave us she was less than impressed that we were crucifying helpless children's toys right in her back yard. Ahh well, never mind, it was going to get worse once we cranked up that devil's music later in the evening, a little Malcolm McLaren or The Clash to kick it all of eh?

tim and brian

Tim, Brian and a dude who I really wish I could remember the name of. It looks like Tim is drinking Passiona there doesn't it? That's cos he is, I think penicillin and alcohol are a bad mix yeah? That's our Timmy


The big guy himself decided to drop by, no doubt somewhere between crucifixion and resurrection. Tim and the sunglasses at night guy seem to approve


ahhh Liz, that's all I'll say about her <3

Brian and me

getting our drink on


we actually thought these were really funny at the time, I think our senses of humour have developed since

and now girls

slave girls

star and commands


Marcie said…
Ha, These party photos remind me so much of the parties I went to in the 80's. I like the lady with the flagon in the brown paper bag, no doubt Coolibah.
Love your work.
Poor old Marg. The Christians seem to forget it is a human rights issue.
stu said…
Def coolibah, I had a pic of me holding a 4litre cask as well so I'm fairly certain all wine consumed on the night came from goon bags or flagons haha