Busy having a fricken awesome time. So I haven't been blogging. I'll try and correct that over the next few days. A quick update on my travels, we spent the weekend in Vegas where we rode a helicopter into the Grand Canyon, what an incredible experience! Then Gaz and I visited a gun range and got to fire a fully automatic MP5 machine gun and a pistol. Again a slightly scary but great experience, guns still scare the shiit out of me and probably more so now that I've fired some, but great fun. 

Vegas is both an awful place and an awesome place, especially when you win $300.00 on the roulette table like I did. Did it in one of the old school original casinos too, the Golden Nuggget. We stayed at New York New York, it's looking a bit tired these days and I think if I was to come back to Vegas then I would probably look for one of the newer spots to stay in.

Yesterday we left Vegas and drove along Route 66 to Flagstaff Arizona, I managed to photograph almost every 1950's style motel sign and garage/diner. This morning we woke to a thin layer of snow, which seek g as I have oh seen snow 3 times before I was fairly excited. Today we've mostly been hiking in the mountains around Sedona, Arizona. Stunning scenery. That's  a small snapshot of the past few days. There's so much more but l'll detail that soon I hope, Internet permitting.