I'm guessing the advertising department at MYER is kicking someone fairly hard in the butt about now. So many banners printed with a very bad typo. Grammar nazi heaven really.....let's get's it right MYER.


Somebody was sent around with bits of black tape to cover up the mistake, but I kind of feel the gap this created looks worse. I guess they didn't have a ladder big enough to reach the one in the first pic.


So what is this sign saying now? That S is the right size? This is so discriminatory against the M, L and XL's amongst us!


Blue Apocalypse said…
Hilarious. Can't believe they tried to cover it with black tape!
stu said…
I know right? making the S into a word? very odd. I wish my size was S haha
Anonymous said…
The old apostrophe with every S trick......grrrr. I should have been an English teacher. Mr Walker*