Day  two of the big trip and i'm still having trouble finding descent internet coverage to post much so it's  been a bit quiet here. will make the most of what I have right now to get a post done  (excuse any typos)

We survived a long haul from KL to LA and picked up our hire vehichle, now nicknamed Eddie. straight away we tackled a drive down to Anaheim ro get some sleep before we hit Disneyland the next day (yesterday) . Had an awesome time and managed to go on each ride at least twice, sometimes  thtree, benefit of going to Disney on the off season. Downside, a few attractions atrwe closed  for upkeep ect .

Today we started our cruise down Route 66 and made it aas far as Barstow where we hit the outlet stores and grabbed some serious winter gear for when we hit up New York in a few weeks. Grabbed some fantastic stuff and so cheap and I mean stupidly cheap.

Well the shitty internet situation is making it haro load my pics to flickr, so I only have a few done, hopefully when i'm in my Vegas hotel I can rectify that. So just a few for now and i probably wont be posting all that many pics and will just link here to Flickr for now
Holiday USA 2012 pics
Tomorrow it's  the Mojave desert and then Vegas



Kingsley said…
Glad you made it, that KUL - TPE - LAX is a bitch, we did it to get to Vancouver. Keep on blogging, looking forward to hearing your tall tales. Give my best to the boys - Kingsley