And I'm not talking just recently, this scam has been going on for years, possibly even 25 years. I say 25 cos I'm pretty sure that's about the time they landed on our shores, well it was sometime in the 80's anyway. They came and they tried to displace the Australian version of themselves and in some ways they have achieved this. We were happy to have them here, we welcomed them as we do all that come, but we thought they'd never stay....right?

They who brought them here understood our reluctance to fully embrace them so they thought up a clever gimmick, a competition, you the consumer would get the opportunity to add another colour. Yes another colour, we didn't have to settle for plain old cherry, yellow, black, orange and green. We could choose another colour from around three or four they offered us, the majority chose blue and that's what we've had since. We were content, we the people had the power and we used it....right?

six colours only

Well I have been to their motherland and I return to tell you all that you/we were conned. There isn't just four other colours to choose from, there are dozens. Yes dozens, dozens of shades, colours and hues and they never told us. I give you the proof....

At the M & M superstore, New York
See how amazed Waz is at this discovery, see how I can barely hide my anger, I had uncovered the con.


And just to prove this wasn't a once off, look at this selection at Disneyland

lots of colours

Note that these pictures only represent a portion of the selection on offer, I have sampled these delights and I can report they are delicious. We need to do something about this and we need to do it soon. M & M people answer for yourselves, how do you respond to these accusations and what are you doing to bring us the remaining colours, we the people of Australia demand answers.


kirsty said…
Did you try the coconut M&Ms?!? Oh soooo good!!
stu said…
actually saw the advert on the TV last night. Can't get any up where I am at the mo but will try when I gets me back to da big smoke. Not sure if I'll like cos I don't like bounty bars, we'll see.
stu said…
Oh and the US also offers dark chocolate M&M's