Walking up Beaufort st today and I stumbled over this little mystery. To figure out what happened here are the clues, we have a smashed TV, an empty bottle of VB beer in the background, police chalk marks from what looks like a car collision or rear ender in the foreground (not in pic but they were there trust me) with it all occurring on a main road, the aforementioned Beaufort st. 

So personally I don't have a clue of what went down here, feel free to make up your own scenario. The stranger the better I think. I will say however that whatever it was, it may have been epic.


Gregoryno6 said…
It was still there last night.
Just possibly, I suppose, it might be an art installation for the Festival Of Perth.
(I've reached a point where I find a lot of contemporary 'art' hard to differentiate from plain old junk.)
stu said…
FOP Installation, perfect haha

nobody seems to want to take ownership of it then, ha!