And what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? So with that in mind I'll be very selective with my photos. Maybe just these ones....

Our hotel and where Waz and I after a few drinks on the last night decided it would be a great idea to ride that roller coaster you can see in the middle of the pic below at 11pm and at around minus 3 degrees C. Gaz remained wise and declined....

New York New York

New York New York

Vegas stripshop in Vegas
VegasVegas Strip

Yeah the strip is fun and glitzy and all that but the real Vegas is the old school Vegas way down the other end at Fremont st.

Fremont st LadsGlitter Gulch
SouvenirsFremont st
4 Queens
Golden Nugget

and yes that is people up there sliding down Fremont st above our heads on a flying fox

sky flierssky fliers

this vid, best viewed in full screen

good times