....your money or your life"

Watching Adam Hills in Gordon st tonight and he had Adam Ant as a guest. God I so remember that music and how my buddy and I were such huge fans at the time. Ant Music, Stand and Deliver, Prince Charming, Dog eat Dog etc etc. Seeing him reminded me of going to their gig at the Entertainment Centre. I recall going with 5 girls, these five girls in fact....

adam and the ants

I can only remember the names of the 3 on the right, Heather (who I never hooked up with, but secretly wanted to) Lisa (who I did hook up with) and Sue (who was my girlfriend for a while and natch did hook up with). All of them were Penrhos College girls. Luckily this pic was taken by me and that means you can't see what I was wearing .... good times.