Nope, this isn't the latest place to eat in Perth (oh but I wish it was), but rather an awesome place to dine in Santa Fe called Cafe Pasquals. So if you're ever in that part of the woods drop in and enjoy and make sure you try the Bison Burger or any of the other awesome organic dishes they have on offer. I think this place has been around for some time and it certainly had the feel of an established favourite amongst the locals.We stumbled across this lil gem whilst out walking the streets of Santa Fe and decided we'd have lunch there...

Cafe Pasquals
DecidingCafe Pasquals
My LunchGaz's Lunch
Waz's Lunch

Fantastic food, considering the fare we'd mostly encountered so far on our trip across the states this was an oasis of culinary delights. We loved our lunch so much we immediately rebooked for dinner and we even had our first (and only) celeb spotting there that night. "Great Scott" it was Christopher Lloyd, who looked like a local eating at his fav local "joint" so we snuck a few sneaky pics and left him alone...

Cafe PasqualsCafe Pasquals
Gaz's dishMy Salmon dish
Waz's pumpkin dishNice Pinot
Christopher Lloyd
Cafe Pasquals

7.5 amazing cookies out of 10 (they're just near the entrance, check em out)

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Stella said…
Is that a kale salad?!! It looks delish. Nice celebrity spotting!
stu said…
It was and very tasty too. Very please with our celeb du jour I must say :)