It all started off just like any other archaeological survey day in the Pilbara. Sure it was a bit muddy but I'd seen worse. Then we arrived at a creek. Aware that there had been a lot of rain in the area recently I sent out some foot soldiers to test the ground. Reports were all to the affirmative, I could get my car through here. So in I went, I actually managed to get a fair way into the overgrown creek bed before my vehicle sunk into the mud. It was quite the impressive effort.

Muddy days on survey .....,,,

First car goes down....

That's one car bogged

Then the rescue vehicle enters the fray and sinks straight away....

That's two cars bogged

It really wasn't looking good. We were in the middle of the bush and all attempts to dig these beasts out were failing. I sent out an SOS and they promised help was on its' way. In the meantime we had to face the hard facts. We could be here all night and we only had a floury apple and one mars bar to share among nine of us.There was simply only one solution, not a pleasant one, but we would have to eat one of our own. Very quickly we singled out the new American archaeologist, freshly arrived to our shores, she said she wanted to be as helpful as possible. Plus we figured she'd been raised on a diet that included tasty American cheese slices making her flesh extra tasty. So the choice was an easy and swift one.

Fortunately for her help arrived and after four hours of digging and dragging, with no success whatsoever,  we were finally set free ....


All of that digging in the red Pilbara dirt can result in only one thing....Oompa Loompa hands

Oompaloompa hands

video footage of the event is taking a while to load and will be added later. 


Ranx said…
You have a ridiculously beautiful office, but the commute looks like a pain in the arse ;-)
stu said…
hahaha that's true dat