Today I arrived at the airport to catch a plane I should have caught yesterday. A plane that yesterday was cancelled due to weather conditions at the destination and a medical emergency somewhere on some other plane. I did not question these things, having learnt long ago that in my job many obstacles will be laid across my path. I accepted my fate and returned home so that I may return again today to get on that plane that I should have caught yesterday.

The plane that I caught today almost became the plane I would have to catch tomorrow, fortunately the delay today lasted only an hour and I caught the plane today. I did not question the delay for the same reasons I did not question the events of yesterday.

Today whilst I sat on the plane I sat next to a large man who was wearing short shorts and a singlet. He had many tattoos, including one on the back of his bald head. I tried to read the words he had tattooed under the head tattoo but his hat and his fatty neck rolls made this impossible. I did not question why this man had tattooed his head because I am pro tattoo.

This very same man had a goatee beard, a ginger goatee beard. He has plaited this goatee beard into six strands and at the end of each band he has placed 1 orange and 2 clear plastic beads....I do so very god damn much question this.

EDIT: I have since learnt from a fellow passenger that the tattoo on his head was in fact the Incredible Hulk, no news on the words though