...that still says BUTT right? So last night I'm wandering home up William st after a Korean dinner with Waz and Gaz and then a couple of Negrinos at Bar 399. Yes the wine and the Negrinos were mixing nicely and making my vision slightly blurry, then I read this movie posters title as "Love in the Butt". Naturally there was lots of snorting and laughing from us and stares and pointing from the restaurant staff inside the gaff this was posted on. We told ourselves we were just too drunk and clearly it must say Buff, it had to be a font versus alcohol issue right....?

butt love

 Well it was def a font issue and I'm sorry, but that is the worst choice of font ever


because as it turns out it is indeed called Love in the Buff


Gregoryno6 said…
Love in the buff - my arse!
Tiff said…
Sadly 12 years of studying the language has failed me in my attempt to translate the chinese title successfully. However a friend told me it just means a guy and a girl's name. Holy inaccurate translation Batman!
stu said…
Ha! that makes it even funnier. Where did they even get this title from? Hilarious