A mid week catch up with a couple of besties saw us end up at Dough Pizza at the top end of William st, Northbridge. My friends were raving about it, I had heard differently. I'd heard it was expensive for a pizza place. There's really only one way to decide for yourself isn't there? Go eat some and check the bill after....

Dough Pizza

We rolled in around 730pm ish to find a completely empty restaurant, oh oh I thought, never good. But a second table walked in right after us and then another and another and by 8pm it was over half full. Maybe we ARE the trend setters we think we are. Or more likely, we eat too early, like grand parent early.

Lamp at DoughWall at Dough

I grabbed the menu fairly quickly to check out these "outrageous prices" I'd been hearing about. The pizzas range from $15 to $24.50 and that last one is with prawns. I'd say at a quick glance it runs out at an average of $20-$21 a pizza. That's expensive? Hmmm this is a nicely fitted out restaurant with a great atmosphere, great service and as it turned out great tasting pizza (try the Diavola and the Funghi). 

Dough Pizzapizza

This is a, for want of a better word, gourmet pizza place. It's not Eagle Boys or Dominos, nor is it one of the many take away phone in your order wood fired pizza joints that dot Perth. This is not expensive. If you want to eat in a restaurant, be served and absorb some atmosphere while you eat, then you pay. If you want to sit on your couch at home and eat your take away pizza in front of the TV, then you pay less. It's simple really.

last slice

We chose two pizzas, a spinach and beetroot salad to share between 3 of us and then a desert each of Tiramisu and two gelatos. Single scoop gelatos that are the size of a triple scoop. Our bill came to just under $25.00 each and we were full and happy, plus it's BYO. That's not expensive.

7.5 old Italian movies out of 10

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