This story is doing the rounds of the web this weekend, it makes me oh so sad. Having just come back from Las Vegas makes this story hurt just that little bit more. I've been to Fremont st and whilst it was actually my favourite bit of Vegas, it wasn't the street canopy that made it so, it was the old school casinos like the Golden Nugget etc.

Fremont stSouvenirs

The street canopy, which is the issue, has advertising and a light show and people slide down the length of the street just under it on a flying fox. It's glitzy, tacky, fun and very Vegas. Sounds great right? Yep sure is....BUT, it turns out the street canopy was option number two when the owners of the casinos in Fremont st decided to do something flashy to get people away from "The Strip" further up in Vegas. Option number one was this....

A full size 1:1 scale replica of the Starship Enterprise! Oh my god geek heaven with gambling and strippers. It came oh so very close to happening too and it would have looked something like this.

You can read the entire sad tale of how close this came to being right here and discover the man responsible for stopping it one Mr Stanley Jaffe. Now number one on my "people who need a punch to the back of the head before I die" list.

 Ironically pictured here at the Vision Awards