"I have had it with these goddamn snakes in these goddamn trees", apologies to Mr Samuel L Jackson.

So we stopped the car to find a way through the bush in front of us when someone yells "is that a.....snake?" Not what you want to hear whilst knee deep in grass. Everyone looks startled until someone points upwards. Huh? Yep, upwards, up in the tree above us. Turns out it is a snake but just not a living snake....

I have absolutely no idea what has happened here, all I have in front of me is the remains of a snake at the top of a tree. It has been devoured by ants and all that is left is the skin and the tail. How this snake got up this tree I do not know. Possibly it climbed up after prey and got its head stuck somehow, died a slow death and the ants moved in. Or, a bird caught the snake, flew it up there and wedged it between some branches only to be scared off by something and the ants moved in. All I really know is today we found a goddamn snake in a goddamn tree.