Sometime in the next few hours this little blog is going to get its 100,000 th visitor. I suppose I could give the winner a prize. I'm sure I can find something amongst the crap on my desk. Pretty sure I have a free subway sandwich voucher here somewhere. It came with the entry fee to something I visited in the states earlier this year. One catch, you can probably only redeem it in the USA and in that state and at the outlet attached to the attraction. But hey, free sandwich right? Plus some other stuff. Leave me your postal address and I'll make sure you get it.

Just had a quick look at some of my first posts from 7 years ago. It seems that when I started YeLPar, Janet Jackson was having wardrobe malfunctions, Joanna Newsom had just released Sprout and the Bean, Tonya Harding was foxy boxing and penguins were gay. Also it seems that a lot of my early pictures no longer link even though they are still there....odd.

Okay, well, not one to toot me own horn...eh? I'll just say here's to the next 100,000 of ya


Well whoever you are you slipped in around 11.30 am and stayed for zero seconds (speed reader?) and you're from Perth. So congrats mysterious 100,000th visitor. There's a subway voucher here for you...somewhere.


I think you mean 100,000!
stu said…
oh gawd, I really shouldn't post on my blog in the early hours of the morning should I hahaha thanks for that
Ranx said…
Where does the time go, I ask ya!?!
I remember screen capping your counter at 10000. Surely it wasn't that long ago?!
stu said…
age shall not weary us my friend hehehe