Unfortunately I'm not able to post much this week, even though I have much to share, because of the almost big brother like internet filter they've recently installed here at our camp. I've managed to circumvent it slightly and can enter text but pictures are proving a problem. Not only have they blocked Blogger? But also Flickr and every other photo sharing service on the web. So until I figure out a way to get around this I am going to be somewhat restricted in my blog posts at times. 

I suppose I could just post poetry, would you like to read my poems? Yeah right, like I write poems....that you'd understand ;) I could just post links but then you'd think YeLPar had been taken over by a link bott and block me. No I will simply have to work out how to bring down this oppressive system from the inside. Wish me luck, hopefully when I move camps on Monday I will have a filter free web connection and I'll post some more of my "stuff"