A borrowed post

My parents are currently cruising through Spain and other European countries on the second leg of their grey nomad period. They're having an awesome time and seeing some awesome stuff. I've been following their travel blog and their post from a few days ago blew me away. I know Europe is in a financial cesspool at the moment but it doesn't really register with us until you see stuff like this...

This is a coastal resort town in Spain called Moncofa, it underwent a building boom a few years back (build it and they will come I guess). Only they didn't expect the GCF and bam, 70% of all buildings are unoccupied, a ghost town. You can pick up a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom with a balcony over looking the ocean unit for AU$140,000. Cept you'd be alone most of the time, hang on, sounds like an awesome holiday...

Empty beach front in Moncofa Spain

Not sure cross walks are really needed in these parts
Not exactly my style but plenty to choose from
Good luck Europe and thank you Mum for the pics, this was too good a story to let disappear.